McCain can still win

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  1. If he brings up jeremiah wright, Willian aires, and Acorn during the debate. He needs to mention how Obama did support teaching sex to kindergardners and taxing everone making over 41,000 a/year. He needs to mention how Obama doesn't appeal to working, hard working Americans, as well as his statement that small towns people are bitter and cling to guns, religion, and the constitution . He should question Obama and his wife's patriotism and loyalty to America and inability to wear a lapel pin. He needs to redirect the debate from the economy, which is Obama's strengh to character and wedge issues. Maybe Obama is a Muslim and went to a radical Muslim school.
  2. lol. This ^^ is why your candidate lost.
  3. Well said. Slowly (very, very slowly) people have caught on to Republican "techniques."
  4. Arnie


    McCain is losing for one reason. The man has no idea what he stands for. If its Wed, there must be new economic plan from McCain. It's really amazing to see people like H Clinton and McCain, suposedly astute politicians, just blow an election.

    Obama looks to win. I have no idea what he stands for either, other than more taxes, thanks to the riveting and indepth covereage from the main stream press. But I will soon find out.

    PS Invest in Vasoline futures.:D
  5. Take ten minutes to read his policy paper (a pdf on his web site -- McCain doesn't seem to have one that's comparable in detail) -- and use to calculate each candidates' tax changes.

    There's no excuse at this point for not knowing where each candidate stands.
  6. Dude its over.Start looking towards 2016,Biden And Hilary will be old to run
  7. I have to say that has to be the WORST argument I've ever read. You know when people are attempting to talk politics and one of there reasons for objection is centered a round a lapel know they are in trouble.
  8. You are delusional. Everyone has heard about Ayers and Wright. They've decided that it's nothing. Repeating the story in a debate will only show McCain is trying to divert attention away from the issues. Look at this poll:

    "The survey was conducted after McCain and running mate Sarah Palin had hit Obama for days for his relationship with William Ayers, a 1960s radical who's now a Chicago university professor and whose ties to Obama are slight.

    Voters noticed the attacks: Fifty-three percent said that McCain was engaging in more attacks; 30 percent said Obama was.

    As to whether negative campaigning works, 39 percent called it effective and 57 percent said it was ineffective."

    McCain's negative favoribility shot up after he started to raise Ayers. He'll lose in a landslide if he continues to do that.

    And don't forget McCain proclaimed himself a "friend of ACORN" when he was campaigning for immigration reform. Bringing up ACORN will only shoot himself in the foot.

    BTW, who is "William aires?" And why don't you fix your Caps Lock?
  9. Maybe a few of them read this book:


    And others, look at the results of the Bush years and his incompetence.

    And others, look at McCain's choice of a laughable candidate for VP that even conservatives are calling a "national disgrace."


    btw-Obama is now at 83% at INTRADE which I believe is his all time high.
  10. The Obama haters are quite desperate

    As you stated,Mccain himself has praised Acorn and over 40 % of Acorns income comes from the government

    The board that Obama was on with Ayers was founded and funded by a Republican friend of Ronald Reagan

    Wright has quite a history with US presidents


    Jeremiah Wright (behind the I.V. pole) as a Navy Corpsman Tending to Pres Lyndon B. Johnson. Bill Moyers was the President's Press Secretary at the time, and is behind Wright.


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