McCain calls for immediate withdraw, cutting off funds

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  1. Sen. McCain: "One would hope that with adequate consultation with Congress, the administration would avoid future blunders that needlessly put at risk the lives of our troops. If they do not avoid such mistakes, Congress has the right to refuse to fund them...But should he persist in making them, our legislative resources should be to terminate them as quickly as we can by denying them funds for further implementation once they have been made."

    Does McCain not support our troops?
  2. McCain is emboldening the enemy...
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    I'm glad to see you two erstwhile patriots have finally come to your senses.
  4. I thought McCain supported the troop surge concept. Did he change his mind?
  5. McCain opposes Casey.......
  6. He's just flip-flopping between Bush Sr.'s war in Somalia and Bush Jr.'s war in Iraq.
  7. I was in Somalia for 6 months in 1993. It was not a "war". We(and the UN blue helmets) gave the locals food..water and training. We protected ourselves when necessary and provided CAS for the UN but the ROE were strict. There was some hunting for local warlords, but these were evil men. That were denying the most basic of necessities from getting from the UN suppliers to their own people.

    It was strictly peacekeeping.
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    You could have posted "Free Money, Beer and Naked Women"
    it would have been as honest a thread title ......
  9. The neocons are confused by their leaders, and they don't even know who to blame! Lol
  10. Don't be too hard on him. Liberals are in over their heads when it comes to national security.
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