McCain = bullish, Obama = bearish for stocks?

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  1. Without getting into disputes, and trying to be unbiased:

    McCain = bullish,
    Obama = bearish for stocks?
  2. was the last democrat, clinton, bullish or bearish for stocks?
  3. man


    was the last rep bullish or bearish for stocks?
  4. gnome


    Had nothing to do with Clinton. He raised taxes. Greenscam mashed the gas on the money pump. Left office just as the bubble burst.
  5. NY_HOOD


    no. the market has a mind of its own and is independent. if the economy is strong,the market will be. besides,.no matter how bad the economy is,we can still make tons on the long side. thats the beauty of trading.
  6. man


    (was any rep ever bullish for stocks?)
  7. man


    that's probably just on the spot.
  8. At least Clinton ran a balanced-budget.
    And that's what has been one of our biggest problems with the current Administration of the last 7 years . . . Spend, Spend, Spend!
  9. gnome


    Yeah, "at least".... Personally I wasn't happy about paying higher taxes. I'd rather they cut government.

    Did you ever notice.. the number of government jobs keeps rising as the public sector stagnates or declines?

    One day, will we ALL work for the Gummint? Can that work? Who would pay for it?
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