McCain ad says Obama snubbed Clinton in VP pick

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    McCain ad says Obama snubbed Clinton in VP pick
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    Aug 24, 3:39 PM (ET)


    DENVER (AP) - John McCain's campaign suggested Sunday that rival Barack Obama snubbed Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate because of her criticism during the battle for the Democratic nomination. Obama's campaign dismissed the claim as the candidate praised Joe Biden, the man he did choose.
  2. In a related story John McCain, in attempts to appeal to young voters tries to be hip by dressing up as the Joker from Batman....

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  3. She got 15 million votes and wasn't even on his short list? That's disrespect.

    The ironic thing is a ticket headed by Hillary with Obama as VP would be hard to beat. Once again democrats choose the uphill path.
  4. You have no idea what was discussed privately between Obama, Bill and Hillary.

    Obama's ego is as big as any other politician who has run for president, and his desire to be president is the most important thing in his life.

    If Hillary as VP were to make him more electable in the final analysis, he would have done so.

    Kennedy had no love for LBJ, it was just business...

    To Obama, politics is just is his profession.

  5. Do you think I seriously give a crap? I find it amusing. Hillary/Obama ticket: unbeatable. Obama/Biden: joke.
  6. lindq


    If you put it that way, then Obama just made a very bad business decision.

    Putting Clinton on the ticket would have given him a free pass to the White House. Now he's got a real fight on his hands to get even close.

    And I just love the way the Dems are spinning Biden as a man of the working class. LOL!

    He's been in the Senate since he was 30 years old. Yep, a life of poverty and sacrifice.
  7. Maybe Obama advisers feel a first time black man potential president and a first time women vp (if he picked Hillary) would be too much change for Obama too win
  8. Leave it to you to get things so completely and utterly wrong.

    Just saw a piece on a group called 'Hillary supporters for McCain'. I'll leave it to veteran watchers of U.S. politics to tell me if they can remember the last time a group of Democrats formed an official organization and went out on the 'campaign trail' to spread their 'don't vote Democrat' message and proclaim their defection to the Republican side after their candidate lost the primaries.

    The VP pick seems to be a disaster all around. I watched an Obama speech today and his oratory rhetoric, his style of verbal delivery, which got him into the race after the 2004 convention and which carried him through this year's primaries, is no longer enough to impress. He needs help to get into the White House and Hillary would have been by far the biggest boon to his campaign.

    I still hope he wins, just so that I can watch the right foaming at the mouth (and let's face it, McCain would hardly make a better President than Obama). What should have been a walk in the park for Democrats is now too close to call.
  9. Maybe Hillary will defect to Republican side when McCain chooses her for VP. Ha ha, just joking TraderNik. But the politicians ALL(Rep, Dems) say and do what they think the people want to hear to reach their goal of winning.
    It is very hard to believe anything when first Hillary talks trash about Obama, and Obama talks trash about Hillary when they were in competition. Now Hillary speaks kindly of Obama, and Obama speaks kindly of Hillary. Mr Biden was not supportive of Obama at one time, but now he speaks highly of Obama, because it is his chance for his day in the sun. It all seems so fake.