McCabe is just one step short of being indicted

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  1. DOJ has notified McCabe that he is the target of an investigation.

    Next stop: A Grand Jury.

    Oh, and Usual Tard, you remember that conversation we had a while back where I said it was not looking good for Andy because his lawyers were meeting with the Deputy AG - obviously trying to reverse or tamp down a decision that had been made? And you said, not necessarily so, because they could be meeting to discuss his lawsuit for being fired.

    Ahhh, no. I gave you the right answer. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

    As discussed.
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    Truly one of my favorite songs of all time:

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  6. Hopefully. they will get more than one charge against him in case they run into trouble on some counts.

    Just as a reminder to those who know that I am gunning to see McCabe prosecuted, I don't have an opinion as to whether he is guilty of unauthorized leaking without hearing the facts and arguments.

    McCabe defends himself by saying that Comey authorized him to do it. Lisa Page supports McCabe and also says Comey authorized him to do it. Comey denies all of that. I DON'T KNOW. I have said right along, I dont know which one of the known liars is lying.

    I have also seen sources though that say that the DOJ has other cases of leaking- not just one or two that relate to McCabe- and that they have text and witness corroboration of statements and actions that indicate that he was trying to hide it from the Department. AGAIN, I DON'T KNOW and have zero objection or disappointment in seeing him put on a defense. Go for it.
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    Blah - so what McCabe May be indicted for lack of candor related to leaking info that the fbi was reopening the Clinton email investigation.

    Talk about a bullahit charge and totally meaningless to anything except it brings up the fbi royally fucked up with staying out of the 2016 election to of all things Hillary Clinton’s detriment.

    Give me a break. This is stupid.
  8. Ahhh no. Not related to that at all.
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    Really? What is it related to if not that WSJ story?
  10. Where's the wall street journal story? there have been lots of them.
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