McBush aligns himself with another extremist pastor

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, May 22, 2008.

  1. he divorced him today also. LOL he spent 350-400 days working on Hagee's endorsement.

    let's be honest, mccain is a boob... plain and simple.
  2. This is just the left trying to divert attention from all the wackos Obama is affiliated with. We are told by the liberal media that it is wrong to let Rev. Wright or Bill Ayers taint Obama, but for some reason McCain is responsible for everything someone he doesn't even know says.

    To simplify it for ZZZ, there is a big difference between a longtime association and a political endorsement. McCain is handling this all wrong. Like I believe Reagan said once, he should just say "They endorsed me, not the other way around. " Forcing republicans to explain or apologize for everything controversial their supporters ever said is an old leftwing trick. Of course, it is never applied to democrats. That would be "guilt by association" or "McCarthyism" or, to be more modern "Swiftboating."
  3. McCain made another blunder in this Parsley drive-by. He should have said that he understands that Obama ,as a former muslim, might be offended by Parsely's statement, but islam is not above criticism. Instead, McCain again pisses on his own supporters, most of whom agree with Parsely, in a vain attempt to curry favor with the leftwing media.
  4. The actions of some Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. is not above criticism.

    However, the attack of an entire religion by someone representing another religion is unAmerican, most especially when that person is supposed to be representing the religion of forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance.

    McCain is trying to curry favor with the totalitarian Christian hard right, and simultaneously acts as if he wants to distance himself from the religious Christian wackos he wants the support of.