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    Moving on up:)
  2. Can't imagine why. Whenever I get a computer with McAfee installed, I remove it immediately.

    I wouldn't have McAfee, Norton, nor Nero on any of my machines.... not that that has anything to do with a technical play on an issue...
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    M&A activity

    Intel acquired them.
  4. I knew that... my comment was rhetorical.

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    Gotta say, I don't like their product either.
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    What do you do if you're a director of a huge company with plenty of cash that you can't invest well?

    Distribute a dividend/return of capital to shareholders? Hell no! We overpay for an acquisition that makes the company bigger, yet less profitable! So in a year we can justify our 30% raises, since we're managing a bigger company!

    INTC's directors are moving on up, shareholders moving down...
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    I have been using McAfee for over 4 years, no issues whatsoever.
  8. Most people would rather have a virus than Mcafee.

    Can't understand why co's pay HUGE money for existing mediocre product that could be reproduced for 1/10 the cost (or much less) from scratch.
  9. As I read about <a href="">McAfee</a>, I'm not sure how this lays the path for Intel entering consumer electronics. But it does mean that Intel is likely to buy more businesses soon. Who will be next?
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    Somebody help me connect the damn dots here. Intel makes semiconductor, McAfee makes antivirus apps. One is a hardware manufacturer, the other software. How is this seen as positive for either company? Obviously the morons that ran the MFE stock higher thought so. This is like a refrigerator company getting into ice cream business because, well, you can store ice cream in the freezer.

    I s'pose AMD will now acquire Norton!
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