Mcafee users in chaos after bungled virus update

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  1. McAfee, the security and anti-virus firm, is trying to solve a bungle that happened on Friday night that has caused chaos for some of its customers. It seems the company accidentally released an update to its thousands of customers around the globe that falsely identified dozens of ordinary programs as threats. The problem started last Friday when the company released the 4715 DATs, which contained an incorrect identification for the W95/CTX virus. As a result, a long list of ordinary files, including Microsoft's Excel, the Google Toolbar installer, Java and the Macromedia Flash Player, were marked as hostile and users were prompted to either quarantine or delete them. The company now has to face complaints from angry users who may have deleted their files. The software affected was VirusScan Enterprise 7.1 and above, Managed VirusScan 3.5 and 4.0 Beta, VirusScan Online 10, LinuxShield and VirusScan 7.03.
  2. Uninstalling McAfee is the best solution for all owners. I've never had more problems and issues with a piece of software. Right now I'm just using AVG by Grisoft and a hardware firewall solution.
  3. After 1 year I cancelled and uninstalled my mcafee. It was clunky, used a lot of resourses, the update downloads rarely worked.
    Hopefully it did no permanent damage.
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    i dumped them after i mailed in 2 rebates they didn't pay saying not all required reciepts etc were enclosed-i know they were.
    i figured that dishonesty would eventually show in product.
    have been very happy with zone alarm suite.
  5. ditto that... i just ditched mcafee today. i was getting several popups a day offering an upgrade and their support has downgraded to chat only. their 'solution' for the annoying product offers was to reinstall the software using their special tool (as if the built in uninstaller from them isn't good enough), and which of course broke it for reinstall

    avg w/ hw fw ... seems like a decent solution

    looking forward to less bloat anyway. mcafee was an obnoxious piece of software and their support people are some of the worst
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    I did just that for a new laptop and I install Avast instead.
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    mcafee and norton are the two clunkiest anti-virus softwares out there, yet they are the most popular and most successful. lots of things seem to work this way. the worst become the most successful.
  8. I had to get rid of McAfee too. It conflicted with Tradestation.

  9. dojistarz

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    try nod 32

    works flawlessly and seems using little ressources and
    does not bog like Norton or worst PANDA.
  10. dojistarz

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    try nod 32

    works flawlessly and seems using little ressources and
    does not bog like Norton or worst PANDA.
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