Mc Cain bought by foreign countries and the Georgia madness

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kicking, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Mc Cain is a bit of a warmongering sicko , we knew that. Now we are finding out he is working for foreign countries, like Georgia.
    Perhaps he wants to send your boys there to get revenge for Vietnam ? It certainly sounds like it from his recent statements of unwavering support to Georgia.

    And what about Bush pondering military "help" to Georgia. Are these guys totally out of their mind ? We are talking about Russia here, what Russia is doing may be outrageous but you've got enough barbarians on your hands ! I think.
  2. I really wonder if McCain is underestimating the public opinion and climate in the US. John McCain might be doing just fine economically and psychologically, but I don't think the rest of the US is. Therefore the public opinion might not be that keen on a strong response towards Russia that further complicates things. It is in the strategic interests of the US, since it strengthens ties between the US and Europe, NATO-members - but pointing that out to the public would be half-way admitting it was orchestrated and that the US had something to do with starting the conflict.

    Tough choice for McCain this, and a very bold move. I do think that the US public is tired of conflict for a while, so it could backfire on McCain badly.
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    I guess Obama ordered them to stop fighting there... one wave of his superior hand and the fight just goes out of good ole' boys.....