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  1. vinceb


    I am looking to open an account with mbtrading, I just want to hear what you guys think about this broker and have any recommendations for any other brokers that have pay per share commissions.

  2. vinceb


    I also need level 2 for nasdaq,amex and nyse stocks.

    I am only opening with 5k right now to test it out.
  3. lojze


    Very good.

    IB too.
  4. MBT-Steve

    MBT-Steve Sponsor

    Hi Vincce.....

    If you have any specific questions I can answer please feel free to msg me. I am here to help if I can.


  5. vinceb


    private message sent
  6. EnzoF


    Hi Vince,

    I have been with MBTrading the last six months and have no complaints at all. The customer service has been top notch and the fills are fast and good.

    Initially I was using eSignal for charting, but have since moved to Medved Quote tracker which is free and which I actually like better for most things. The real time data comes into Quote Tracker from MBTrading, and you can subscribe to a service for about $20 a month for historical backfill.

    Jerry Medved of Quote Tracker like Steve at MB, monitors this forum and has been super helpful whenever I have need a question answered.

    Good, dedicated folks at both places so I would not hesitate at all to recommend that set up at all.

    Hope it helps,
  7. vinceb


    wow , sounds like a great broker.

    Have you had any times that when canceling an order or changing took a while to get the confirmation?

    I had this problem with my old broker and got screwed over 5-6 times for having to wait a long time to mod my order
  8. EnzoF


    nope, never had anything like that happen. But they do have a trading desk where you can call and they can check on your orders right away if need be. I have done that when I was concerned about an order and they were helpful. I keep the phone nums and my account info handy just in case there is a prob as it is always a concern with any technology, and I try to stay aware of that possibility.

    Good Luck,