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  1. if u program an indicator on mbtrading buy order if indicator < 0 would the software has to be running for the the order to be sent and filled? Or the order is parked on mbtrading and would be filled even the software is not running?
  2. LeeD


    If the software that calculates the indicator is running on your computer, it would normally not place an order till the entry signal is there...
  3. Wanted to ask that does mbtrading park trading order generated from script without the software running?

    Like tradestation if u have a code that buy or sell order the software has to be running for the order to sent. Does mbtrading webtrader has scripting language too?

    Anyone know broker that allow scripting language and parking of order without the software to be running?
  4. LeeD


    If you a customer of MB Trading, perhaps it's the best to ask the support.