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  1. milstar



    Author started to test www.mbtrading.com/4xMadeEasy
    spot FX. CME futures also offered by this broker .

    Level 2 spot book reflected multiple orders with 1000-3000
    lots.That is essentialy better as 1% of total market by IB and Hotspotfx .

    Can some experieced operator evaluate mbtrading spot
    and explain he's opinion ?

    Author have opinion ,that in each case if trade FX ,better
    trade CME future or NYBT cross /for very small orders /

    Mbtrading for stock,futures and options is pure agent
    Is offered Spot suggest about decreased moral ?

    Your respectfully milstar
  2. MBT-Steve

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    To help save time for everyone the MBT spot forex is pure agency.


  3. Is this the efx platform?
  4. MBT-Steve

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    Yes...... EFX and MBT both use the navigator platform.
  5. milstar


    Dear MBT -Steve

    Author is very pleased for your message . Last time some pure agents as MBtrading and Openecry offered FX platforms .

    Author point of view ,which is related for both mentioned companies http reserved version with java push for stock ,
    future and options would more usefull ,atleast for author .


    1. How great is part of total liquidity offered for spot by MBtrading books ?

    2. How great is delay against ebs and reuters spot

    3. What are most important source's of liquidity for spot FX ?
    4. Why your company offered xk and xy ,but not ZG and ZI
    5. Did your company plan offer Nymex Clearport qm,qg and
    NYmex electronicaly traded YC,YH,YG,YV,YP,YA,YN
    6. Did your company plan offer most liquid options on future's ?
    Also pit traded ?

    Author would very pleased for answer.Excuse the author ,if request is not relevant.

    Your respectfully milstar
  6. milstar


    Dear MBT-Steve

    Can expect intraday margin 500$ for es,ert,en,emd,eym,ec ?

    P.S.Tryed to test this time openecryfx .Company future platform
    was better as Ninja and another .net based from point of view
    stability .FX need to download more as 20 MB Java SUN .

    First attempt catched also virus . Try to make second .
  7. I can tell that English is not your first langauge so please take this as a suggestion not a criticism: Referring to yourself in the third person is usually reserved for crazy people. In the future please consider writing sentences like the one above as "I am very pleased for your message".
  8. MBT-Steve

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    Here is a link to see our margin rates on futures. https://www.mbtrading.com/futures.asp

    The only contract we will trade on nymex is oil which will be coming on in the next week or so.

    My apologies but I am not sure I understand your other questions if you could please clarify.


  9. milstar


    Dear Steve

    Author is very pleasedfor your message .

    1. Interessed to trade stock,options on stock and CME futures +
    For small contract per trade interessed for 500$ intraday liquidation margin for es,emd,ert,en,eym,ec,jy,sf,bp,qm,zg
    2. http version for heavy network conditions would usefull

    If policy of your company would changed ,please inform the author .

    Your respectfully milstar
  10. It is up to each individual to choose a platform they like. But I would not recommend anyone to use this platform, for what it is worth.

    Very poor software and reliability.
    #10     Nov 18, 2005