Mbtrading site navigator and site down!!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by innovest_11, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. At this moment, MBTrading navigator and the demn site are down, what the hell is happening!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
  2. aqtrader


    no one answer the phone at mb
  3. mktman


  4. cajunboy


    heard they closed the doors and went out of business..............

    be careful boys and girls
  5. Inquirer


    Was it weekend when you tried to log in?
  6. Jeffrey


    This is the biggest problem since I have been with them.

    In the past there has been only a few (acceptable) times when Navigator was down. The worst was a half hour.

    But this time is the first where everything is down. I am now positioned without fear of a n EOD loss, but I want a feature within their system to automatically close all positions at the EOD. I am safe even if everything is shut down in the middle of trading, but not if the positions are held overnight.

    Well, the problem with Navigator has been fixed now in a short time.
  7. GTS


    Has it? Sure looks like they are still having problems to me even though the Navigator is back up.

    No T&S quotes; When I try to connect to their web site I get this:
  8. aqtrader


    me too
  9. GTS


    Also no level 1 quotes (last quote still frozen from 10:39), just level 2 working (at least for ER2). I wouldnt dare place any trades right now.
  10. GTS


    All quote feeds back at 11:19, web site still down.

    [ET Mods your server timestamps are way off - it says I posted this post at 11:16 (my timezone) even though it was closer to 11:21. Not the first time this has been reported - How hard is it to run an NTP client on your servers to keep them sync'd? Sheesssh]
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