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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ElCubano, May 21, 2008.

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    I opened my MB trading account this morning and it is showing the i have 2000 QID long and 700 sds long....which is what i closed from yesterday's short...i go to the penson side and it never showed my shorts only my closing buying position which in turn is showing long this morning...any problems out there??? its 6am so i am going to have to wait
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    just called....apparantely they didnt get the entire upload from penson causing some problems for some accounts...like mine...they are working on it...dont close the position
  3. Good luck with MBT as you will notice thier data lags 5 to 10 seconds in a 'normal' market
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    they resolved the problem quick and where there to answer the phone at 3:15 am their time...as far as the lag they are actually better than what i normally use...esignal..:D
  5. trendo


    I won't dispute your experience with MBT, but I've found the timeliness of their data to be better than or equal to other data providers. They would be out of business if their data lagged 5 - 10 seconds. Who would put up with that?


    Maybe if you were using some antiquated 14.4 dial up modem. I've had no problems with data feed except occasionally on days when the Fed changes rates.
  7. Agreed. On FED days their feed sometimes goes down, which sucks, but during normal market conditions it lags by only about 1/2 second compared to my zen-fire feed.
  8. how much does a stand-alone zen-fire feed cost? for stocks only
  9. GTS


    Perfect example of the MBT feed lagging badly with that large volume move at 2pm

    During normal market activity I agree with the others, its as good as eSignal or IB but when the volume is heavy it always lags.
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    I have yet to see a data feed that did not lag in fast markets. Data feeds have lagged in fast markets since the days of the chalk boards, ticker tapes, Quotetrons, or whatever. Nothing has changed except the method on delivery.
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