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  1. what do you think of this direct access firm?
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    Do a search.

    New fee structure starting June 03. Better, not necessarily the best in the business, but its good bang for your buck. For futures, its an introductory $2.30/rt then $3.25/rt after 30 days.


    I've been with them for almost a year and have no complaints. Starting next week commissions are going lower. 0.01 for 1-500, 0.0075 for next 500, 0.005 for 1000+ with no ECN charges. Alternatively they have a $9.95 per trade commission plus ECN charges for unlimited number of shares.
  4. Just curious do you use mbtrading stand alone or embedded in eSignal?
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    Separate, no futures market depth in eSignal despite integration. Its not exactly an integrated product, you still have both interfaces up.
  6. They have good customer service, and rates were flat 9.9$ when
    i was trading with them (No per share schedule).

    Their MBT navigator is nothing more than oder entry with no
    charting and lacks many order types.

    This firm also do not serve more than 8 country only, so if you
    are forigner, check this first.

    Also they do not offer 3rd party softwares free if you do even
    lot of trades in a monthe.

    Their excution is fast, but i find their prices still high. I want may
    move to IB and Greentree Trading which provide you trading capital, even you are a retail trader , or may be nobletrading
    which they offer better platefroms than MBtrading and can offer
    same fees and offer futures now trough J-trader. I belive all these firms are better than MBtrading.
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    Chuck_T eSignal

  8. i find their demo very clumsy and difficult to use esp compared to ib's tws.
  9. chuck _T

    Does rebates for over 100 trades is for plane A or plan B.
    If it is for plan B, then good luck to them.

    They are not prop or any profesional firm, just an online retail
    brokers? Is is very funy that they accept account for somthing less than around 10 countries. How they are expecting to grow?

    I think i wasted my money, giving high "per trade fees" profits to them, and later they tell me that they do not have service for my country no more.
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    I have used MBTrading for several years now and through all the changes, I still recommend them and use them. TTO orders, new pricing structures, integrated accounts and integrated service providers just to name a few features. Customer service continues to be excellent ( and seems to be an often overlooked aspect of a broker ) as well as MBTX smart route, easy interface to use and easy capital/risk management resources throughout the day. Obvious glitches happen from time to time that no broker is immune from, but nothing that would make me consider leaving. Top tier broker.


    Chris Schumacher
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