MBTrading: Any comments?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Mr. DNA, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. Mr. DNA

    Mr. DNA

    I have just taken my account to mbtrading.

    Can anyone give them a review good or bad? The features that sold me on them are:

    Flat $9.99 per side commission - good for big lots of low priced shares.

    They seem to have good, quick phone and chat support.

    I was planning to run esignal with the mbnavigator integration. It crashed a couple of times on win98se so, I am going to run the two apps on separate PCs.

    Any thoughts?

    There is nothing recent in the broker ratings.

  2. Not expensive. Dont know about their executions though.
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    I used mb terra nova for a couple of years. The service was always excellent.
  4. I've been using them about 3 months now (about that new to daytrading since adding the style to my swing trading). I also use the Navigator with eSignal but with XP Pro and they work together very well.

    I have only had one very minor issue with an order entry button and used the online support but got an instant response and fix. I am fairly new at this style but execution has been very fast. I believe that they also offer a rebate ($100?) if you use one of their quote providers (and 50 round trips?).
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    Used MB in the past. Very responsive customer service and generally very good service.

    A concern of mine is that they apparently have no way to directly route listed orders, and charge ecn fees while doing so. This may not be exactly correct as I haven't used them in several years, but be careful to do your DD on the whole "fee enchilada" before assuming that a flat rate is really flat.

    Overall I'd give MB a good rating, but that depends upon your style.