MBT in trouble this morning

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aqtrader, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. aqtrader


    hundred of traders are complaining having $0 or negative account balance :)
    sometime it happens. frustrating.
  2. MBT-Steve

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    We greatly apologize for the inconvenience. We did not get a properly updated file from Penson which is why the Navigator is displaying balances incorrectly. We are working on a solution to update the accounts right now.
  3. ....or maybe there were lots and lots of margin calls sent out. :eek:
  4. I think there was a MBT server upgrade last Friday that caused problems... On Tuesday, commissions for some trades done with MBT last Friday were showing as approx 100x larger than they should have been... since then I think MBT has been trying to sort this out.

    I'd be interested to know whether MBT has a roll-back plan in place when its servers are updated (to put things back into the last known working state if the upgrade doesn't work) ... if they don't, well it would be a way to avoid this sort of a mess in future.

    Let's hope what doesn't kill them makes them stronger ...
  5. MBT-Steve

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    It was not as system upgrade. There was an error in the file that Penson sends to us to update the accounts.
  6. Craig66


    Let's hope what doesn't kill them makes them stronger ...

    I've been hoping for the same thing for a while now, it doesn't seem to be working out that way. MBT have had a problem with their FIX gateways not responding to messages for a little over a year now, this was passed off as various things until unambiguous evidence was presented that this problem was happening on their live system. I have now been awaiting a time frame for getting this fixed for about 3 weeks with nothing but 'I'll get back to you tomorrow' type responses from service, which is pretty lame for the product being fundamentally non-functional. It seems that since the MT4 implementation everything has gone seriously downhill in terms of service responsiveness and system reliability, I guess with the relativity small amount of people using FIX it goes to the bottom of the list...
    Sorry, just had to vent.
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    I am happy to follow up for you on your FIX questions. Please msg me your info.

    This Penson file has nothing to do with FIX.




    It was frustrating when you know you have a LOT of cash sitting there. That said, it's the first problem I've experienced in ages w/ MBT.

    I suspect they may emerge stronger eventually given that they're using input from clients to drive current/future development of the trading platform. As one who once upon a time worked in software development, if you give your customer what they want you'll have happy campers.
  9. OK, thanks.

    I hope all can get sorted in time for tomorrow's session ...