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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by trendo, May 13, 2005.

  1. trendo


    Anybody else having problems on L2 getting prices for INETBK and Archip? MBT told me these have been turned off due to the overwhelming amount of data and some coding issues.
  2. mustang


    That must be an MBT problem. I have not had any problems with my direct access broker with trading through INETBK or Archip.
  3. MBT-Steve

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    Currently we have seen a significant spike in bandwidth usage and price server capacity from the internal books of Inet and Arca. We have server upgrades being created now and should be in production shortly. However, until this takes place we turn off the book quotes only at the open for the spike then reinstate them after the open. Of course you will always get the aggregate quote for both Inet and Arca. Again, you should see this remedied shortly. This in no way effects our order efficiency and even if you do not see the book quote MBTX still routes to them. This is Display only, nothing else.


  4. MBT-Steve

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    Our executions are flawless. He was referring to the quote display of the internal books of Inet and Arca.
  5. trendo


    Mustang and Steve...

    Thanks for the responses. Steve is correct--- I was referring only to the display. The executions continue to be blazingly fast.