MBS, CDS, Repo, Commercial Paper - BB/Eikon alternative?

Discussion in 'Fixed Income' started by kmiklas, May 6, 2021.

  1. kmiklas


    Hey All,

    I need more visibility into the Fixed Income markets.

    - Is there an alternative to BB and Eikon? I've checked with IB and Schwab, but the answer was "No... buy a BB terminal."
    - The Eikon stripped-down version costs $3600/year. Anyone have experience with it?
    - Are there any more cost-effective solutions?

  2. ZBZB


    You can get an EIKON terminal badged as metastock Xenith for $99 a month.
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  3. ZBZB


    You can get the yield curve by looking at the CBOT futures on IB TWS mosaic.
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  4. ZBZB


    just chart ZB ZN ZF ZT what more do you need than that?
  5. kmiklas


    Thank you... I also need Credit Default Swaps
  6. MrMuppet


    Money market information is really hard to come by for retail, because this market has upon the highest barrier of entry. So there is just no retail demand for this kind of stuff.

    If you want to have this data for research and not pay for EIKON or BB, you can have a look at

    If you're fine with general FI data, check out koyfin.com
    Poor mans bloomy...they have a lot of global macro data coverage.