MBIA finally gets rating cut, what timing!!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by PAPA ROACH, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. So glad the ratings agencies are on top of things...

    ...they're really on the ball.

  2. NO big deal unless there is another agency that downgrades it below AAA. You need 2 downgrades to trigger selling of AAA's.
  3. Fitch is almost always first, they are the most honest out of a gang of crooks.
  4. No worries, financials will rally further on Monday. Look, Dow can't go any lower :D It's way oversold, baby!

    Trust me, it will go up up up and squeeze all your shorts! :D
  5. You're a schizophrenic jackass. Can't figure out if you want to be Day7793, hedgefund trader, or lucklee. Pathetic.
  6. Hey don't blame me please, no namecalling either! I didn't do any namecalling to anyone in this board ever.

    Our economy is RESILIENT. So if you're the one who's losing because of shorting, Bernanke and Paulson won't bail you out. They will bail me out because I'm now invested in the banks :)