MBI, when was the first wire story on the low ball sale

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Someone traded against it at 4:30, I see nothing till 6:30 on the news.

    You are cannon fodder for the boyz.
  2. Have made a couple trades on this and abk.

    Looks like another round of dilution and a CFC like scenario.

    So the new finacing is at $12.15?

    Their AAA rating saved?Think she has one more pop in her or is it dead money?
  3. jazzsax


    had crazy pops this morning, too bad i got out to early (need to learn to let my winners ride!)
  4. Yeah, it was a good run. Thats the last trade I make on it. Opened at 12.26 PM and ran up to $15 in first half hour.

    I'll wait on this one to gap down a tremendous amount before I go long on another pop.

    ABK seems to be in a tighter range. I think the juice has been milked off these two and best to avoid for now.