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    Can someone please give me an idea of what to expect in an entry level trading job at this firm? -- with regards to salary, training, reputation, how much interaction, role, etc. Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. how old are you ?

    there is extreme fierce competition for any jobs there

    I would suggest you go to a seminar or open up an account with them after reading Mark's book and show them some skill set trading wise
    that fits their needs or something new that you can add to their
    business model ... or a desire to work your tail off for them
    at no pay etc

    good luck
  3. I used to work for MBF. Still very loyal to those guys . . hell he took a big chance on me.

    I'd be interested in hearing how you got in though. Like it was posted, Mark doesn't pick many guys.

    Are you interning, clerking?
  4. You're gonna have to read about twenty books.

    You gotta pass all these tests.

    Then you're gonna go work for some underling.

    The underlig is gonna give some other underligs strategy to trade, maybe day and night.

    If you don't screw up for like a year, you might get a chance to present some of your own strategies.

    Be prepared to be shot down.
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    What are the 20 books for required reading?

  6. This was a few years back. Let me see.

    There's the Market Wizards by J swchager(?), Logical Trader by MBF, a couple jim roger books . . .

    The other titles, I can't recall the authors, but they focus on tech. analysis and a few of them on psychology.

    The books are designed to teach guys that have NO experience in trading futures or stocks.
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  8. From what i see from his seminars, Mark is so nice to his traders except teasing them a bit. I would be loyal to his firm as well.
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    I came across this online seminar by Mark Fisher. The seminar was Really Great.

    This was an archive of 3 day seminar [Total about 12 hrs] .
    I feel this is worth few thousand dollars.

    there were also few other webcasts from Dr. Keiv Ari and Boone Pickens.

    All these are Free from the site below. If you have time and desire to learn:

  10. generally the best looking girls in the business work there.

    go figure.
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