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    according to some people top MBAs in Asia are better than everything in the US outside of the top 15, perhaps even top 10, already! this is coming from Wall Street recruiters, and not some joe of the street.

    INSEAD i can understand, but HKUST and CEIBS?

    anybody with an MBA degree from ASIA care to comment?

  2. I've NEVER heard of HKUST and CEIBS. Does that help?
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    top 2 "native" schools in ASIA, both ranked in FT and Economist

    Hong Kong Univ of Science and Tech
    China Europe International Bussiness School

  4. According to some people, the earth is 8,000 years old and was molded out of potter's clay.

    I don't know what you are specifically asking, and I doubt that anyone else does, either.
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    sure you dont know because you didnt go to school in Asia, if anybody did please respond.
  6. I can and try and glean what you are trying to say and ask. But it's not clear from your OP.

    Are you claiming that those who receive MBAs from universities in Asia are of a higher qualitative caliber than those obtaining MBAs from all but the top 10 U.S. based universities, or that prospective employers believe that this is the case (whether objectively true or not)?

    You also say 'some people claim,' and then vaguely state 'wall street recruiters.'

    Who are these recruiters? Who are the 'some?'
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    I am not claiming anything, having a top degree from the US I could care less about those 3 Asian schools, but during informal talks with Wall Street recruiters I heard that if you cant get into a truly top program in the US, you are much better off getting a top MBA in Asia and they named these 3 schools specifically...

    the recruiters are HR at top I-Banks, specifically 2 European ones, and one top tier US.

    so if anyone went there and now works in the US please comment.
  8. If you "could care less about those 3 Asian schools," then don't.

    This is a trading forum, not an MBA forum.

    Man, this thread is worse than "Stock market will never go down" thread. :D
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    wall st news forum last time i checked.
  10. HKUST has a joint degree program with Stern/NYU

    MS in Global Finance, in partnership with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    That actually might be a better bet for someone with interest in Asian Markets.
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