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    Hello Everyone

    To be brief, I completed my undergraduate degree in Finance at Tulane in New Orleans in 2004. During the final semester I was fortunate enough to take a class that taught how to trade Eur/Usd in the spot market. Succeeding in that class was my priority and when all was said and done I earned an internship position with a fund designed for the best of the student traders. The internship trading lasted a few months and I finished out with the best returns of the eight traders. From that point I experienced moderate success until my account got blown out when my retail broker, Refco, went down in a glorious conflagration of fraud and scandal. In retrospect, that event gave me the utmost respect for trying one’s best to avoid the ubiquitous black swans that meander stealthily through trading ponds.

    Today I am an MBA student in Tulane’s full-time program with an expected graduation date of May 2010. That, as one might have guessed, is why I am posting this thread about internships. Specifically, a position for the next summer.

    Next week I will be in New York for a networking event from 9/24 – 9/28 and was hoping some of the good people of Elite Trader could offer some advice or steer me towards any contacts whom I should reach out to if at all possible.

    As a frame of reference, I am currently scheduled for site visits with Morgan Stanley, Citi, and a buy side firm. If anyone would like to meet up for a chat that would be wonderful. Also, any words of wisdom or direction are humbly appreciated; the good, bad, and the ugly!

    John Suarez
  2. very bad timing, the large ibanks are pretty much closed to all but the top b schools, and to be frank tulane isnt one of them. I was chatting with a few headhunters our firm use, all have the same story - resumes flooding the firms. One guy said they posted a position on behalf of a client and got flooded with 1000+ resumes in 1 day, mostly from lehman LOL. Took him 2 days just to sort out the resumes.

    Goto those recruiting events and network, but your best option is probably one of the smaller local banks/funds as an analyst.

    good luck!
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    The timing is pretty bad, but I suppose it would be worse if I were seeking a full-time position. Speaking of Lehman, I was supposed to visit with them as well but, sadly, we all know what happened there.

    Knowing full well that Tulane is not up there at the top in the rankings, I am currently trying to network like crazy with Tulane alumns at the various bulge bracket firms. Before Bear went down they were hiring a decent amount of Tulane MBAs who had energy concentrations. Then again, not too helpful for now.

    I am still scheduled to meet with Merrill, but seriously doubt that playing out. Tough times no doubt. But hey, thanks for the quick response! Please feel free to PM me if you have any other advice :)
  4. Ha! I know I rememberd that name, Suarez. John/Futureowner :p
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    Sheldon?! You haven't been posting much lately on the other board...
  6. Haha ya. I know, the car scene here in Alberta used to be all over F-chat, but a lot of the owner's stopped posting died. I'm on L-power a bit more but I rarely check F-chat anymore.

    Good luck on your hunt! I was in a similar situation this summer. I got the job, but their budget was slashed for the year and they had to turn me away. It's going to be tough to find new openings...
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    bump :)