MBA Economics questions - Urgent

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  1. 1. Producer equilibrium is derived with the help of ISOCOT and ISOQUANT - True/False?
    2. Larger the number of firms small the degree of differentiation - True/False?
    3. Which one is not a U shaped curve?
    4. Price is equal to marginal cost in which market share?
    5. L-shape long run cost curve is possible under which theory?
    6. Cost function is?
    7. Monopolistically competitive seller demand curve will tend to become more elastic?
    8. Marginal analysis is used in studying of?
    9. Total revenue rises when price rises - True/False?
    10. ISOQUANT denotes various combination of 2 inputs giving same level of o/p? True/False?
    11. Criterion compromises between ma and min? True/false?
    12. Reserve capacity is not taken into account by?
    13. Major component of incremental cost?
    14. Monopolistic competetion resembles monopoly because?
    15. Perfect competetive model, eg?
    16. Intersection of the market demand and supply curve of a good determines?
    17. Total utility decreases, then marginal utility?
    18. Return to scale is applicable in short run? True/False
    19. Retuen to scale is applicable in long run? True/False
    20. ISOQUANT curve denotes consumer constraint? True/False
    21. Total revenue unchanges when price change then demand curve is?
    22. Why LAC has increasing portion?