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  1. If anyone uses or has used this firm,please comment on them.Thanks.
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    I used them for about 6 months before going prop, good executions fairly stable platform, good tech support, I was very happy with them and they integrate with Quotetracker for a good low-cost platform, look at the reviews under brokers and also do a search as they have been discussed before, PM me if you have any other questions.
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    yeah can't say enough good things about them as I've used them for several years now. With the new low commissions they are definitely staying with industry trends and technology. Now if they would just get into Forex : ) They have a demo of their platform for you to try.
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    Great, luv 'em.
  5. All of our clients that have switched to MB Trading have been very happy with them. Have not heard of any problems.

    They are also very responsive. We have to deal with them on both the business and technical levels and any issues we come up with have always been addressed very quickly. FYI - MB Trading clients get QuoteTracker (fully registered) for free.

    Jerry Medved
  6. NasdaqTrader,

    Download a demo of the platform and test it to see if it suits your needs, before opening the account.

    Just a hint..
    50 Cent
  7. Does quotetracker come with real time tick charts of stocks and the big S&P futures for free?If so,why is it free?
  8. QuoteTracker has full supports for tick charts. As for supported securities, that would depend on the datafeed. We do not provide the data. QuoteTracker connects to the datafeeds provided by brokers and/or various data providers such as DTN, Money.net, eSiganl, etc. If the source you select to use supports futures, no problem - QuoteTracker will chart that.

    If you refer to MB Trading specifically, they do provide real-time data for stocks, options and futures, so the answer is yes, you can get tick charts for stocks and futures for free.

    As for "why is it free" - in the context of my previous post, for MB Trading clients its free because we have a marketing arrangement with MB Trading.

    for other than MB Trading clients (and a few other brokers), QuoteTracker is free if not registered - it has ads, and restricts the intraday charts to 2 days. User would have to pay to register it to get rid of ads and increase # of days on charts to 10 days.

    We use that model because it makes the software available to a large group of people, yet still letting us make money.