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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bob111, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Bob111


    anyone work with MBT here? how was it?
    thinking about to switch from IB to MBT(mostly because of ability to short certain stocks). platform looks same,commissions-same, free L2, ability to trade bonds,mutual funds,API etc..
    but-only 7 votes in rating(compare with almost 90 about IB), yahoo API developers group -dead, compare with 1K+ in IB group.
    look a bit suspicions. any reason for it?

    Thank you!
  2. MBT was my first day trading broker.
    I was using Realtick.
    Service was excellent.
    Software was good.
    This was back in 2000...so some things may have changed.

    I'd give them an 8 out of 10.

    They sent me a lot of goodies. T-shirts, mouse pads etc. Still have most of it.:cool:
  3. Rc51Rob


    MB Trading is also my first (and only so far) broker, it doesn't have all the charts and bells of some other Broker Platforms but since I do mainly swing trades MB Navigator integrated with Quotetracker makes for a very cheap and decent package. As far as the service of MB goes, I get quick email response, their real-time support chatroom is good and the commision structure is fair. I have never used another broker but spent about 3 months researching MB and others and for me at least it works well.
  4. Turok


    MB was my broker for more than a year. I switched to IB almost 3 years ago and saved more than a big bundle. Pricing may be different now. Service was excellent and the reliability was almost as good as IB.

  5. Bob111


    the only difference i see for now with IB is minimum commisions on per share plan- IB-$1 and MB-$3(i'm talking about stocks)
    working now with MB SDK...tough one(for me at least)))..

    Thank you all once again!
  6. Turok


    Oh, and their SDK was a disaster. LOL

  7. Hmm, Not sure if we are talking about the same SDK, but the one we deal with is definitely not a disaster. It works fine. Easy to implement and the few problems we ran into during development have been fixed by MB pretty quickly.

    Jerry Medved
  8. Turok


    I probably should have noted in my post again that this was three years ago. I can't tell you how many and how much time I spent with their programmers on the phone proving to them that what they said it was doing, it wasn't.

    Just so it's stated, in spite of all the problems, TAL (the MB data provider...Realtick) had excellent service and their guys really did work hard to get my (their) problems solved.

  9. The elimination of the $3.00 minimum to equate the $1.00 minimum of both IB and TT would be a plus....
  10. abogdan


    We have traded with MB years ago. They don't have a capability to much the orders within their book (at least at that time). This is what makes IB slightly better.
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