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Discussion in 'Options' started by bologeorge, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Does any one use MB trading? Their rate seems to be cheap for small traders(0.95 each contract). And there is no minimum funding requirement.
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    I have been using their demo account for a couple months. They let you trade real time in demo. Trades are in real time, not delayed like most other accounts.

    Very happy with their platform. It does lag sometimes, If you are a scalper I would probably look elsewhere. But I dont plan on scalping anytime soon, where I need to be in and out of a trade so fast that the platform lagging would be catastrophic.

    95 cents a option is still pretty expensive. I would like to go to Eoption, but I dont want to pay all the data fees yet. I dont trade enough to make up for the platform fee with comission savings.
  3. It seems that mb is good for retail traders, who trade less than 5 contracts one time. They seems have no hidden fees, at least I haven't discovered yet. Their demo account is really powerful.

    I'm also looking for brokers that charge only one side fee for a spread trade. Do you know any?
  4. Anyone here care to share their experiences with MBT specifically with their "pay for limit" plan in spot fx. Are the spreads comparable to IB with IB's commission ($2.5 min) factored in?

    A rep was explaining to me that if I enter a layer of bids under current market and it gets hit on the way down, MBT will actually pay trader. Might be a nice way to scale into a position .