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    Watch out for MB today. Blew right through my stop (market) on a NYSE without executing, then wouldn't let me cancel the stop to kill the order and enter a sell order. Just froze. Had to call twice by phone. I'm taking the rest of the day off...:mad:
  2. I did trade with them 4 monthes ago. I stopped trading
    because i were losing money but not because of them.

    I had same problem as yours, not being able to cancel
    orders, but once i called them they never put me on hold
    and i could request them to cancel immidiatly.

    They were telling me that it is due to my connection or my
    hard ware, I was using ADSL and....?! I guess problem
    was from their side.

    I thought I move to IB or Pointdirex because of MB'S High
    flat rate 9.90$PLUS ECN. But now I think i can stay with them
    and do not have to worry about placing small trade many time.
  3. MB Trading now offers what they call "Plan A". 1.25 cents for the first 500 shares. So for example 500 shares would cost about $6.20.

    When trading small amounts such as 200 - you will pay the minimum fee of $3.

    If you are trading 1000 shares it is hard to say if Plan A or B is best - it would be about the same cost roughly.

    Their most serious troubles in the last six months I have used them were just this Thursday and Friday. It was the first time I have had to call them by phone to execute a trade. Their recent software changes were not full tested. I forgive them as they seem to have a good platform when combined with eSignal. Hopefully they will have worked the glitches out by Monday.

    Their reputation is good for support and I have found it to be true. I also thought the execution speeds was a little better than IB's when I was running them both so I decided it was worth the larger fees.
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    Well, it happened again today. I'm a new swing trader (moving up from Ameritrade), but of the six round trips I've placed with MB, I've had to call to change or sell because of the orders not executing and locking. Cost me almost .65 in two trades, fortunately I made a profit anyway. If this keeps up, I'm going to IB.

    Went with MB cause it's supposed to integrate into the QCharts Level II window, I trade with one monitor. Can't make that work either. :eek:
  5. This firm has fast enough excution and excellent customer
    service . If they do two things I will return to them again.

    1-proper functioning of , order type placement and cancelation.

    2-still I need lower rate like net 1cent/ 1-500shars and 0.5cent/501-.... if they do not want to offer charting, futures,...
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    You're right about order cancellation. Happened again today. Worked after a reboot, though.
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    Switched over to MB when they started the two commission plans, price per trade and price per share. This and their customer support reputation lured me over.

    I couldn't be happier and have had no problems. The Navigator is fantastic as far as I am concerned.

    I heard that they may be offering Futures, Options and Mutual funds soon. Anyone else heard that rumor? If not, this would be a great move for them and those of us who trade with them. They have a demo of their software, so you don't need to switch accounts to try out their software to see if it fits your trading style.


    Good luck

    SH6:) :)
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    My problem may be compatability with my operating system, we discovered today. They are very responsive when you call.
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    Ugh ogh... what kind of system do you have?
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    Windows ME. I highly recommend another.:confused:
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