MB Trading - who cares about P&L?

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  1. I, for the life of me, don't see any way to see what my P&L including commissions is for the current trading day. The only way I can find P&L for any day is to email a report to me the following day that must be done manually & you have to continually retype your email address which is a security risk since it's easy to do a quick typo. What am I missing? I've never heard of a broker that doesn't show you your P&L after costs. Help!
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    move to one who does

  3. LOL

    I was hoping for someone to show me how to pull it up.


    Not sure I understand why you'd email a report to yourself the following day. Rather than that you can just log into your account at MB, go to "Account Management" and see all the previous day trades at the Penson site which include SEC fees and commissions. For the current day trades you can go to "Today's Activity" in your MB account and see all trades executed without commissions included.
  5. I'm looking for something very simple.

    How much money did I make or lose today after commissions?

    The Account Managment screen on the Penson site doesn't give me the bottom line total. I have to sit with every single transaction & type it into the calculator. Or, you can have the report emailed to you which shows the total.

    The MB Screen that shows today's activity doesn't show how much you gained or lost after fees either.

    Is there anyplace else I'm missing?

    Asking how much a trader has gained or lost in total during the day isn't asking a whole heck of a lot is it?
  6. Don't you keep a spreadsheet?

  7. During the trading day? no.
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    Hello JackPearson,

    I am an MB Trading client. I also noticed that my PnL doesn't show commission costs or ECN fees.

    I am on Plan A, which means:

    100 shares = $1.00
    500 shares = $5.00
    1,000 shares = $7.50 etc.

    I usually buy 1,000 share lots (equities) so a round trip for me is always $15.00.

    I keep a printed form (I created it in Word) for each trading day that shows all my activity, I just add in the costs for the commissions on it.

    It is a rough estimate, but only until the next day until I receive the statement, which I synch up before the market open in the morning. Is it this reconciliation that you don't like to do?

    I am very happy with MB Trading, because they excel in the areas that count.

  9. I "don't like" and "shouldn't have to" do any manual spreadsheet garbage to find my intraday profit & loss. Is this 1980?
  10. You still need to do the work...The dealer can make mistakes :)

    you sound like the guy along with half of the other young ones who do not even reconcile your checkbook...

    you just go online and check your balance...outstanding..outschmanding checks ohhh what the heck...

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