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    Kinda confused with MB Trading order types, as I've just become a new client there. If anyone has MB Trading and can tell me how to automate this strategy as much as possible...many thanks:

    1-For entries, I only want to execute at my price (which include a low and high trigger)

    2-Once filled....for exits, I want to specify a stop and a target for each stock. When one is triggered, it becomes a market order and the other one is automatically cancelled.

    The reason that I need this type of order strategy is that I have 12 stocks that sometimes trigger at the same time, and manual entry would be impossible. After reading the different order types on MB's site here are my thoughts:

    For #1, I would use a stop limit order...but can I specify 2 at the same time per stock?

    For #2, execute some type of TTO order which I'm not to clear on how they work.

    I hope someone can provide me some tips. Thanks in advance!:D :D :D
  2. Im not being sarcastic here, but why not call MB trading and ask them? They have one of the best CS departments and if i call , you can ask the same questions you just asked live view e-mail?? Why not get the info strait form the horses mouth?:confused:
  3. MB Trading's highly trained representatives are available to answer any questions you may have from 8:30am to 6:00pm EST on any regular trading day (see our one hour email guarantee). Our professionally staffed trade desk does not have an automated answering system or time consuming phone menus and is available from 7:30am to 8:00pm EST.

    MB Trading
    1926 East Maple Ave, 1st Floor
    El Segundo, CA, 90245
    United States of America

    Email Inquiries: asap@mbtrading.com

    One-on-One Chat: www.mbtrading.com/chat.asp

    Customer Service (866) 628-3001
    Trade Desk (866) 628-3002
    Futures Trading (866) 628-3003
    International (310) 647-4281
    Margin (866) 628-2009
    New Accounts (866) 628-2008
    Facsimile (310) 416-1420
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    Thanks. I will contact them...

    I was also interested in seeing what kind of different responses I would get seeing as this is an order execution forum and different traders experiences might show a loophole in trading with certain types of orders for this type of strategy.

    Thanks for providing all the info for MB...I had it:D
  5. sorry, didn't know how new to trading you were...i like the MB trading platform a lot....lots of fucntionality yet simple to navigate....I think OPenEx makes it.....do you use the E-Signal package with yours??
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    yeh, I use the esignal package but never got the right click 'order entry' option to work within esignal when clicking on one of their quote windows. Work for you? So far I'm impressed with MB Trading and glad that I went with them.

    What do you think of the eSignal package vs. going with RealTick? I'd really like to have the oz scanners that RealTick provides!

    I've been having problems keeping on top of my strategy manually with market orders (call me a control freak, but I like market orders knowing I'm getting a fill) and needed to automate it somewhat. I'm basically trading volatile issues and looking for breakouts on either side and placing orders from there. Using 1% stops and 3% targets. So far I'm doing pretty well. Just getting difficult to handle 12 trades at once if the market hits my triggers at the open.
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    I was doing 3% target and 3% stops which were killing me. I got very cocky back in May and the stops started pounding me after a while "when I wasn't so smart any longer". Now that it looks as though I've got risk management somewhat in hand....I'm hoping that automating it somewhat will help me diversify more intraday and get into 12 at a time if need be
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    Good luck with your Good Trading using the MBT Navigator, :)
  9. I didn't know you are working for MBtrading.

    That's the reason why you were following me everywhere,
    when i had questions on DAT firms. i see :mad:

  10. NANA:

    I am following you????? I posted this two months ago and now you come on and say I was following you????.....are you insane?
    I do not work nor did i ever work for MB....I was trying to help the guy out and i do like their platform alot and I do know they have great CS.....Are you still mad because you couldn't get the SHILL SECURITIES web site to work????? GET OVER IT!!! It was a joke...Ha HA...move on...
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