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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gillevk, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. gillevk


    For those who trade with MB Trading :
    I think that Stocks trading - "PLAN A" would be the best choice for me, since i'm starting with small amount of money with this broker...
    They say it's only 1 cent per share for first 500 shares and minimum fee of 1$.
    Lets just assume that for the beginning i'm taking the basic level-2 MB client software for free.
    Are there any additional fees ? i'm not sure I fully understand other fees like : inactivity fees, account maintenance fees, routing fees per buy/sell trade or any other monthly / yearly / per trade fees.
    Will be greatful to get a clear answer from an MB trading costumers..


    I've never had any other fees besides commissions and any margin interest when I take home positions overnight using their money.

    I think they may have a small fee for Level II if you don't have $25K in your account or do some required number of shares per month. I also get price improvement about 10-15% of the time on both buys and sells.

    Right now they're paying me 4.35% or so on my idle cash through Penson.