MB Trading & MB Trading UK. How Good?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by cornix, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. cornix



    I am in the search for FX brokers who provide access based on ECN model. I know MB Trading provides trading access to their EXN which is pretty similar.

    Does anybody has experience trading decent size (1mio+ notional per order) with this company? How good is it's reputation etc. ?

    I checked FSA, NFA and CFTC sites, didn't found anything suspicious in reports, but always better to ask people with some real-life experience...
  2. MB Trading is good. I would advice to stay away from FXCM.

    IB is also an ECN, probably the most reputable- but mb trading is also good. I think Alpari is an ECN too.
  3. cornix


    Thanks. I currently test Alpari's ECN but consider a few other ECN brokers to compare. IB is good indeed, used it, but doesn't suit my current needs.

    Checked MB platform today, can't say I was impressed, rather a nightmare to trade, short-term at least. :(

    Checking out Dukascopy platform right now, feels very good and intuitive plus their liquidity is really huge (at least what shows up in DOM).