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  1. I downloaded the document and sample codes from MB Trading. I was overwhelmed by so much for stocks/options/blah. How can I code it to trade forex? :mad:
  2. Don't understand your question. What are you asking? Which document did you download? If you are looking for the proper symbology go here -- http://www.mbtrading.com/fx/spreads.asp

    Its all very clearly laid out in their web site.
  3. ???

    Study English because I don't understand your question.

    MB has one of the easiest API to program and platform to trade under.
  4. Start from scratch. Reworking a program for a custom job is not worth it.

  5. Sorry I didn't put it clear. Like this. I want to code program to trade forex with MB Trading. They have document and sample code on their API (http://www.mbtrading.com/fx/developers.asp). I downloaded the document and sample codes. The API is supposed to work with everything, including stocks, options, forex. Since their sample codes mainly work with stocks, I didn't figure out how to code with their API to work with forex.
    Hope it is clear for you guys.
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    The front end API is the same with stock or forex... and I have personal experience using both MB's API and their FIX.

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    Can you elaborate more? Maybe post a snippet of codes...
  7. Thanks for your reply. I will have a try. There are too many sample projects in their sample code package, and I just felt lost.
    It is good to hear that the API is the same for both stock and forex. That is what I want to hear:)