MB Trading Charges For ECBOT CME Mini

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  1. I just got this from MB Trading

    Dear MB Trading Client:

    We have yet to hear from you regarding your futures data feed. Your action is required to ensure that your futures data is not interrupted. Please log into your MB Trading online account at www.mbtrading.com and access the "Software Preferences" menu on the left side of the page. From here you can select the data feed package you would like to receive. The subscriptions levels and their associated prices are detailed below.


    CBOT Data Package #1 - $10 Monthly Data Fee, Includes Mini-Sized Package and Mini-Sized Market-Depth
    CBOT Data Package #2 - $55 Monthly Data Fee, Includes Complete CBOT Exchange and CBOT Market Depth


    CME Data Package #1 - $25 Monthly Data Fee, Includes E-mini Equity Package and E-mini Market Depth.
    CME Data Package #2 - $40 Monthly Data Fee, Includes E-mini Equity Package, E-mini Market Depth, CME, and CME Market Depth.

    These fees are due to recent changes in the pricing structure at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade).

    Users who have not selected a futures data package by Wednesday 6/25/08 will have their futures data suspended.
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    So pick one.
  3. Guess I should have read there website first, I get refunded for the fees, sorry.
  4. When I first got the email I thought it was pretty lame too, especially since I hadn't heard of any fee increases with other brokers. I was gonna cancel my account and go elsewhere out of principle but then they told me that you get refunded $1 of that fee for every trade you make. This makes it free if you daytrade in any significant quantity.