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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Bickz, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Bickz


    Today MB Trading Announced the opening of their new "MBT Idea Exchange" which can be found at...


    This is a public voting system where people can submit their ideas for improvements and feature requests, and others can vote on the suggestions submitted. Those that rise to the top will be considered for implementation.

    As QuoteTracker users know, the lack of backfill data for Forex is a real pain, which is why I am posting. There is a suggestion on the Idea Exchange for making backfill and historic data available for QuoteTracker users. You can find it here...


    If you are using MB Trading with QuoteTracker, please take the time to register and vote in favor of this issue. And if you don't use these, vote in favor of it anyway. :p

    Another suggestion that you may find helpful is the implementation of showing P&L minus commissions in navigator. That suggestion is located here...


    I'm sure there are more good suggestions to come.
  2. MB does provide backfill data through their API, so its up to quotetracker to support it.

    MB backfill is still in beta tho, and has alot of garbled data stored. Hopefully this will improve soon.
  3. Voted, but Pippi is right, it's really up to QT to support it.

    However, I've talked to Jerry at QT and here was his response:

    Their ActiveX API has historical data. We however use their TCP/IP API and they do not have the data available through it, and do not plan to add it.


    So MBT could solve the issue by offering historical data via the TCP/IP API (not sure if QT could solve the issue by using the ActiveX API, but Jerry would probably have mentioned it if it was possible).

    He also mentioned TOS support would be available once the acquisition is complete. TOS has FX, so theoretically that could work to backfill MBT FX charts, if you have an AMTD account..

    MoneyAM UK (free reg) used to work for FX backfills, but it's not working now. IB still works of course. :)
  4. JDL


    why would any one trade with this ECN if they have account 25k or over, there is so many cheaper ECN out there, MBT is the most expesive ECN out there, i guess some people are just stupid :eek:
  5. cstfx


    They only thing they are really usefull for is for trade sizes less than 50k. Once your trade sizes approach 100k, you are much better off finding a Currenex broker or using IB (and if you trade exotic crosses, anyone but IB :D )