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    MB Trading is now accepting live accounts for their MT$ platform. Full ECN pricing and STP (they claim) and scalpers welcome. I know there are a few here that swear by the MT4 platform so they might want to take a look.

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    yeah really stoked about this....now i will consider forex more seriously. this move by mbt is defnitely a game changer.

    been wanting this since 2 years ago. at the time the message i got from was that they weren't going to....

    we wil lsee how this works out

    i like this "removing the deal desk functionality of MT4" & "No restrictions against scalping." & "No requotes".....

    if it is as they say it is....

    MetaTrader 4 with MB Trading

    Dear MBT Clients,
    We are pleased to announce that MetaTrader 4, which is fully integrated into MB Trading’s True ECN Execution, is now available for live trading to the general public as a public Beta. As many of you are aware, we have spent countless amounts of time and energy completely removing the deal desk functionality of MT4, all while maintaining as much of the customer user experience as possible, including the automated trading components.
    Integration Notes:

    * FIFO compliant;
    * Expert Advisors working on a trade ID basis;
    * Immediate and anonymous posting of all Limit orders directly into the quotes for anyone else to see and execute against;
    * No limitation on proximity of Limit and Stop orders;
    * Direct routing of market orders through proprietary algorithms to obtain best-price execution against banks, customers, and other dark pools of liquidity;
    * No requotes; and
    * No restrictions against scalping.
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    pfgforex.com, try there mt-4 and your never look at mb trading again.
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    pfgforex.com, try there mt-4 and your never look at mb trading again.
  5. stay away guys... ever since efx were taken over by mb their service and systems have become unusable. been with them 3 years and im closing up and moving on
  6. what kind of issues have you had with them?
    and how often?

    Ive been using Alpari UK 's metatrader (demo acct) just for charts and use MB's in house order platform( Navigator) for actual order execution....so far so good.
  7. the live system often has problems in uk early morning hours.. their mt4 demo platform used for testing is a complete mess with almost daily downtime. overall customer service is down the toilet.
  8. for what you are doing you should be ok, but mb mt4 charting is a wate of time
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    Tom C

    So in your guys opinion, what is the best broker/platform to look into? Thanks,
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