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    Dear MB Trading Clients,

    We are pleased to announce that effective Nov 29 th, 2009, our standard Forex commission rate for all* MB Trading Futures clients will be reduced to $2.95 per 100k USD Traded. For those trading at $5.00, this will be equal to a 41% savings on the cost of each trade executed on our system. This reduction in cost will apply to all MetaTrader4 and MBT Navigator accounts and be automatically set in your trading account at start-up on Sunday, November 29 th.

    This is the first of many exciting changes to come as we get ready to enter the New Year.

    If you have any questions, please contact fxsupport@mbtrading.com.

    MB Trading

    About time. This is Good news!
  2. Agreed. When the ib partners dropped their promotions and MBT offered the $3 per M rate for their MT4 beta users, I knew they had a public drop in the works. This is a bit better than I expected, closer to IB and significantly undercutting FXCM-AT.
  3. So what will be the commission for a trade of 10,000 USD ? Does this "reduction in commission" mean the minimum per order is $2.95 ?
  4. for a 10,000 USD it will be 0,29 USD or 30 cents if rounded up (29,5)
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  6. I considered them but found their rates outrageous...how much more expensive than IB ?
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    About 50% more expensive, but their commissions are calculated differently.
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    They WERE outrageous. Now they are more reasonable, and still more expensive than straight-up pairs trading than IB. But there are some advantages, mainly being better margining on exotic pairs than how IB calculated their margins. And you can still trade sizes smaller than the 25k notional trade size that IB requires before your trade get kicked from IdealPro down to Ideal.
  9. yup but in IB you're not allowed to trade in 1000 unit sizes. I think IB minimum is 25,000 unit increments.... so it makes them more flexible
  10. For small traders there is an additional minimum ticket fee with IB when converting the PnL to the account base ccy.

    Will be interesting what volume breaks MB will offer.
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