MB Desktop Pro - focus on CPU or GPU?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by User123, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Hi there.

    Limited funds, so I can't yet simply get the best CPU and the best GPU.
    My current choice is down to these 2 combinations:

    1) i7 4-core(8thread) 3.4Ghz 8MB L3, using the integrated HD 4000

    2) 1) i5 4-core(4thread) 3.4Ghz 6MB L3, and a GeForce GTS 450
    (GTS 450 is about 100-200% more powerful than the HD 4000)

    for 2 monitors (1280x1024), each showing 4 charts. MB Desktop Pro software.

    Rest of system:
    8GB @ 1600
    Windows 7 H.P. 64-bit
    7200rpm HDD
    430w PSU (high quality)
    (GTS 450 uses 250watts at full load) (both CPUs are 77watts)

    In time I can easily upgrade the CPU (if starting with the i5), HDD, the PSU, and add any graphics card.
  2. What do you need a powerful graphics card for, really? Does your trading software plot the price charts in 3D polygons with translucency and plays a bomb explosion animation sequence when price hits your level? :p

    Unless you meant to play video games on the same box when you are not trading. (But it was not stated.)
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    exactly what bolimomo said... also, the GTS450 is like $75... so not sure what you would be "saving".. so go with the i5-3570... which is what I think you spec'ed on the thread. The only other thing I would say is get an SSD for the OS/App... that is cost effective now.. $100 or so for 128GB SSD...
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    I downloaded free MSI Afterburner, and watched the actual GPU usage.

    It didn't go above 15% (of the Mobility Radeon HD 3650)
    ((The Intel HD 4000 will be twice as powerful, so that'd be closer to 8%))

    "as a rule of thumb, only software supporting OpenCL or CUDA technology will use your GPU for computing"

    Next Q is for the CPU

    Using XP's Task Manager- the CPU graph shows both CPU cores.
    During the most demanding market activity:
    Core 1 - 10-90%
    Core 2 - 20-60%
    That was for yesterday only. I'm sure sometimes the usage would be greater.

    Does 90% mean that there is 10% remaining before the CPU will have to queue incoming data, rather than processing it instantly?

    say the CPU graph shows 90%... and another bunch of data reaches the CPU to be processed. Would it be processed any slower, compared to if the CPU graph was showing 10%?
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    See what processes are using CPU under the Processes tab. Sort the list by clicking the CPU field header.
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    I got everything figured out now.