Mazda Speed RX-8

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  1. Page #71 of the March issue of Road & Track


  2. wow what? :confused:
  3. do they still use the rotary engine???
  4. The 2004 Mazda RX8 uses a 1.3 liter RENESIS 2-rotor rotary engine that is 1308 cc's.

    Engine puts out 238 horsepower at a mindboggling 8500 rpm.
    6-Speed manual gearbox, 50/50 weight distribution and a curb weight of only 3029 lbs. Price: $29,000, base Price: $25,180
  5. 238 hp from such a tiny engine? That really is amazing!

    If this car had existed a year ago, I probably would have chosen it over my Infiniti G35. (Not to insult the G35, which is actually a pretty decent car.)
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    The Mazda Rx-7, it's old twin brother has been around for 30 years before they discontinued it and created the Rx-8.
  7. I almost bought the G35 last year, but decided to wait for something that might have a nicer interior. I know that they have to save some money somewhere, cause $35,000 out the door for the G35's performance numbers is AWESOME!

    But all that plastic on the dash really bugs me.
    Especially cause I was use to the dash of a Carerra-2 in my previous trading life . . . How do you like your G-35 thus far?
    Likes? Dislikes?

    Check out the March issue of Road & Track with 2 pages on the Mazda-Speed version of the RX8 which is due out at the end of the year, maybe.

    Only gonna boost the horsepower up to 250, and add a little bit of torque, but they lightened up the flywheel to give it tremendous throttle response and lowered the car about 3/4 of an inch. The engine revs like a freaking motorcycle, right to 9,000 rpm! Then, they fitted it with firmer tube shocks and coil springs, as well as fatter anti-roll bars.

    They also gave the already stiff RX8 chassis more rigidity by installing strut tower braces both front and rear and a couple of crossmember braces underneath the car. MazdaSpeed engineers might be beefing the chassis up for a bigger power plant at some point . . . Perhaps by adding a supercharger?

    The MazdaSpeed version of the RX8 is going on sale right now in Japan, with 350 units sold out before Xmas. We might see this version of the RX8 on our shores at the end of this year, or early 2005.
  8. "How do you like your G-35 thus far?
    Likes? Dislikes?"

    Well, first of all, I only bought the new G35 because my beloved 3000GT SL got totaled a year ago by a moron who felt compelled to make a left turn from the right lane. That car wreck also broke my elbow, smashed my nose, and caused various health problems and operations that I still suffer from. I'm not saying this to whine, but to explain the less-than-joyous frame of mind in which I picked out the G35, and to show that the 3000GT SL is my main basis for comparison here.

    The less-than-luxurious dashboard doesn't bother me at all. Better that they cut costs on the interior rather then anywhere else! Here are my main dislikes:

    I'm not freakishly tall (6' 0" and a half), and my hair isn't freakishly puffy- but the ceiling is way too low for my comfort. I don't like or use sunroofs, but I think the sunroof was mandatory, so I have one, and this does rob a driver of head space. To compensate, I adjust the seat into a less than ideal position. That's my main peeve with this car. I also wanted factory chromes (at least 18" me a 'wigger', I don't care) , but this wasn't even an option. I therefore have these dull-ass 17" aluminum rims, which I didn't bother replacing with aftermarket products. The 3000GT was much better looking IMO.

    Likes: the G35 has rear wheel drive like a real sports car should.
    (The Japanese sometimes have this thing for front wheel drive, for whatever reason.) It handles and accelerates waaay better than the 3000GT SL. Better in bad weather too. Also, I've yet to put any new air into the tires...unlike the 3000 which constantly had to have the rims scraped & resealed due to leakage on all 4 tires.... That's all I can think of for now.
  9. im an old infiniti man myself probably going to switch out....The Q45 was one of the most awesome cars for the $$ but your right about the newer interiors....I also don't like the new cross over 1/2 suv deal..Now that my wife has a mini van ( SHUT UP! DON"T SAY IT!) seriously thinking of getting the Mercedes or Lexus SUV....most likely the LExus...everyone i know who has one loves it .
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