Mazda Race Days!

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  1. Mazda "Rev It Up" coming to a City near you for only $40.00!!!

    First stop, San Francisco this weekend.
    Then Orange County March 13-14th, and San Diego the following week . . . Sounds like a total BLAST, racing Mazda 3's for time on an autocross course, test driving the new RX-8 and doing some go-karting:
  2. ill probalby head to this when it hits SD - should be fun to rag out a new car.
  3. might even be fun if it wasnt POS mAz dA zzz's :-/
  4. I'm going to the SD one for part of my spring break... going to swing by Mexico as well... Both should be a blast... Did anyone go last year? Just wondering what it is really like? $40 just seems too cheap and wondering what the catch is and how I get around it...

    Uhh...have you heard of the RX-8?? 228HP from a 1.3L!! ...0-60 mph in 5.9 sec, 0.25mi in 14.5 sec @ 95.6 mph, 6 gears... BBC's "Top Gear" raced it around a track and it tied the BMW M3 time... Not bad, I'd say...
  5. RX 8?? HA! What a joke!! I'm laughing all way to Detroit!! :p
  6. Yeah, if it's one thing that Longshot knows about, it is about Sports Cars!


  7. Ya dint see pic o' my vette i posted did ya. HEH

    what a machine!


    kik rice burners ass any day & twice on sun day!

    (diff b/w you & me IS i make this look good :D )


  8. What exactly is "kick"? Only stats can tell, words mean nothing when it comes to this argument. Find a car that can pull in such stats at the same price... New vettes start at over 40k...
  9. I think that Longshot is right about the Mazda RX-8.

    Not to sound like a car salesman, but any car that puts out 182 horsepower per liter ( more output per liter than a Porsche 911 or a Ferrari 360 Modena ) and has 50/50 weight distribution, not too mention a Championship at LeMans . . . all for $32,500 out the door . . .must be a POS!
  10. there fun to drive in project gotham racing 2. backend swings around a lot. :D
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