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    Is there a way to invest in shares of Mazda on the NY stock exchange?

    I can't find a stock symbol for them. I know Ford owns like a third of them so do I have to buy Ford to invest in Mazda?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Thanks for that!
  4. Why not buy the stock directly at the Tokyo Stock Exchange? Code 7261

    May I ask what makes it a compelling investment? The chart looks good and seems to have left the downtrend since beginning of 2007. I also read they reported very upbeat earnings recently. Is that the reason?
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    Well I am middle aged and grew up with cars/trucks from the Big 3...but recently I was reading a message board about autos and some guy posted that at his college the parking lot is filled with foreign imports...and that many of the young kids today are in love with the Mazda's...that it use to be like all Honda's but now the young are going for Mazda's.
    And that they don't even like American made cars...

    That is what made me look for info on Mazda stock.

    And can those of us here in The Sates really buy that stock you posted the link to or do we need to buy that pink sheet link that AAA30 previously posted?
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    ummm.. eekkk.. not good reason to buy a stock. my opinion.

    Mazda does have a roadrace/grassroots legacy w/ the twisty track guys.

    what your probably seeing is a bit of hype about the re-introduction of the Wankel rotary engine. The hp per liter is awesome. it was phased out in 93(domestic market) due to its difficultymeeting emissions requirements. reintroduced in 05 i think.

    i personally, would pick a mfg that produces product for Americas aging cars be it domestic or import

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