Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight

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    Boxing is not what it use to be. Not the best ending; however, Ortiz did headbutt first.

    what do you think ?
  2. In boxing, when you deliberately headbutt, it's a way of telling your opponent that they are in for a street fight. A brawl. Ortiz is an idiot for engaging with his opponent before the ref called 'box'. It's his own fault he got KOed. The ref says 'protect yourself at all times' at the start of the fight for good reason.

    Mayweather did the wrong thing and the fight should have been deemed a no contest, not a victory, but Ortiz copped an old fashioned boxing lesson. If you want to fight dirty, expect your opponent will do the same. And be prepared for the consequences.
  3. Embarrassing fight for both Mayweather and Ortiz. Ortiz got carried away when he started hitting Floyd with a fury on the ropes and lunged in with his head. Stupid move. Then in typical Mayweather fashion, he pops Ortiz twice as Ortiz moves in to tap gloves or hug or whatever the fuck was going on.

    They're both dirty, but Ortiz has to keep his hands up and expect the unexpected. Did anyone see the post-fight conference? Ortiz was laughing and smiling like he wasn't even bothered...

    Yet another black eye for boxing.
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  5. That link has been taken down, but this one is up, and a lot funnier:

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