Mayor Daly's Thuggish Attemtps To Chill Criticism Detailed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Wow. And that's the organization that trained up Obama and Rham on their political operations. It has no place in America. Besides, aren't Chicago mayors supposed to check into prison when they retire?
  2. It is new for any politician to try and use the leverage of their political position to combat critics?

    You are claiming a pattern with liberal democrats...prove your claim. Then prove that the pattern is limited to liberal democrats.

    You think Nixon and company didn't have a pattern of thuggish attempts to chill criticism? Think Reagan and their crew didn't use their muscle, etc.?

    Not defending Daly at all, just the unreasonable generalization being applicable to only liberal democrats.

  3. When republicans do something like this, there is a media frenzy that they are nazis, engaging in repression, etc. Nixon was driven from office over a third rate burglary by low level campaign staffers. The fact he disliked some biased journalists was blown up into a big scandal. The democrats in congress orchestrated a fake scandal over Bush firing a group of underperforming U. S. Attorneys,even though they served totally at his discretion.

    What makes this different is that a supposed bastion of intellectual freedom, a revered and prestigious private university, couldn't fall into line with Daly fast enough when it came to censoring a conservative. If Lott had been some nutcase liberal, we know very well the story would have been different. In fact, in university after university, conservative speakers have been physically atacked when they tried to give speeches, and nothing ever happens to the perpretrators. Instead, we are treated to condescending lectures from the administrators about free speech and tolerance.
  4. I think you are dodging my point.

    How many republicans from the Bush era went to jail?

    Congress now has the power of the subpoena...are we going to see the republicans bring the democrat offenders to justice?

    If laws are broken, then the law breakers should be punished (or pardoned in the case of Scooter Libby).

    In any case, I see abuse of power by politicians on both sides of the aisle, and to single out all liberal democrats only is just a biased agenda. Look to your own house (republican) over the past decade.

    Both sides are sanctimonious, and both sides abuse their power.

    I repeat, this is no defense of Daly, what he did was wrong IMO, but it happens equally on both sides.

    You can stop with the "mainstream media" excuse, because now we have Fox News, and right wing radio ruling the airwaves, and the internet blogger and sites have changed the actually show a balance.

    You know that I disagree with you on many of your political positions, but I have never come across in favor of granting immunity to the left wing for their wrong doings.

    Right (or lawful) is right, and wrong (unlawful) is wrong and I believe in equal application of the law to all offenders.