Mayor Blasts Flash Mob Excuses

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  1. Mayor Blasts Flash Mob Excuses
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    Bruce Leshan
    10:43 PM, Aug 19, 2011

    WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- There's harsh criticism from DC's mayor of some comments you saw exclusively on 9News Now on Thursday.

    Mayor Vincent Gray says there is no excuse for the flash mob robbery of a convenience store in Northeast.

    Some people in the neighborhood suggested stealing food might be justified if people were hungry.

    About ten young women, as brazen as can be, strolled into the Benning Road NE convenience store, turned around and grabbed candy, chips, soda and ice cream and ran out.

    "In the state of the economy, somebody is hungry, who's to say what's right and what's wrong," one woman told 9News Now's Andrea McCarren. "They didn't go in there to get no money," said another man. "So they must have been going in there to get something to eat."

    Mayor Gray responded directly to our reporting. "Some news coverage of this incident has reported residents questioning whether the robbery could have been morally justified," he said in a press release. "Actually, morality and the law are quite clear: It is wrong to steal from others. And if people do not obey the law, they will be apprehended, arrested and prosecuted. There is no excuse for this sort of incident."

    But some residents apparently think there is an excuse. "Americans are starving, they're out of work, they're losing there homes. So if teenagers need to flash to get food...."

    Law enforcement isn't buying it.

    "You may think you're getting away with something. You're not. We're going to bring you into custody," said Asst. Chief Peter Newsham of the Metropolitan Police. And Chief Newsham says some of the young people have such distinctive hair styles, they'll probably be easily identified. He says after police bring in one or two, they can usually roll up the others.

    Staffers say the Mayor is so mad about this, he's been stewing about it all day. He actually sent out more comments after his initial press release went out. He said some of the youths he said are probably victims of peer pressure. But he says they will be prosecuted just like the others.

    Neil McNerney, a Licensed Professional Counselor who deals mostly with teenage behavior says the young people who participated in this crime more than likely weren't aware of the severity of their actions.

    McNerney said, "They're thinking okay, this is fun! All those kinds of endorphines are running through the brain. That little part of the brain that's kind of saying what's going to be the consequence of this isn't as active."

    McNerney also doesn't believe this "Flash-Rob" fad is done with. He said, "It's the same thing that happens with a lot of fads. It tips. It starts getting interesting, and more and more teens will do it. I don't think we've hit the tipping point though."
  2. Check out the video at the link to see the benefits of a socialist welfare state :p
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    ote from trader666:

    I doubt that these punks would be tolerated in ANY type of a socialist state. But the constant barrage of excuses for their actions , as offered by people like this McNerney: “…the young people who participated in this crime more than likely weren't aware of the severity of their actions…” have played no small part in historically encouraging leniency and understanding for the actions of these poor, misguided souls – instead of speaking to them in the ONLY language they understand.
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    I didn't see anyone that looked like they were going hungry.
  5. If you're hungry you steal a sandwich. Not a bag of chips with a side of twizzlers...