maybe your grandkids will have it better

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  1. I am going to watch the video after the post. But I already have a pretty good idea. The customers coming in the store are always looking for a bargin and have a Wall Mart mentality. The average ticket price is lower. The system is broken here in the Uniterd States. A girl who works at the local (WAG) had her wallet stolen at Walmart....WTF. She has a couple of mouths to feed and can hardly afford this loss. Nobody in power gives a *&^. I am always worried about getting robbed. I nearly got wiped out after the last incident. The insurance companies keep raising the premiums and the deductables. There is no way to get ahead in thsi country anymore. Wealth condensation is still present and the upper-middle class and wealthy are next inline to lose there way of life. Ross Perot was right "You will here a giant sucking sound" As the Chinese become even more wealthy the wealth condensation will gravitate there. The US can not get it jobs back because who is going to pay that much for labor? Who would want to deal with the regulations and the tax code here?
    When I get transferd to a call center in the Phillipines then I know things are bad. The labor moved quickly to any English speaking nation that had the best offer.
    This is also becoming topical in the news:,0,6473161.story?page=2

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    P.S. I just started x-fering out of Au and into Diamonds
  2. Bad move...Labs can now create diamonds just as fast as the federal reserve can print money.

    When an 47.5 ct diamond only goes at auction for $1.25, you know the diamond industry is going in the tank. Wont be long before diamonds are worth less than iron filings.
  3. Not when you buy below "buy side" pawn shop pricing. We have good testing equipment at my retail location. Our bussiness model has built in profit on each trans action. The highest activity level are at the end of the month when the SSI money runs out for most people. They keep on bringing in what they can and I try to give them a fair price. The other shops in the local are expierncing the same situation. people are pawning items and not picking them up. The default rate is over 65% on pawned items. The averge ticket is about $50.00 USD. There is no end in sight to the loss of is the cycle:

    Citizen gets SSI check ---> inflation decreases buying power --> money run out before the next check --> citizen then takes what ever they can a sell/pawn items. Cycle starts at the start of the next month. There are no jobs to be had it is designed to fail.

    Look up the poverty industry when you have a chance.

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  4. Told you so:

  5. A hungry man was going along the street.

    He got to a place and saw a sign board with the inscription "eat as much as you can here, your grandson will pay"

    The man went in and confirmed from the receptionist who confirmed the statement. The hungry man now ordered assorted meat, fish, turkey and others. He ate and ordered for drinks in excess.

    He drank excessively. As he was preparing to go, the waiter called him and gave him a bill of 2,000 dollars.

    The man was annoyed and asked "what the hell is going on here ? What is this ?"

    The waiter answered "it is the bill of your fore- father which you must pay so that your grandson would pay for the one you ate.
  6. Au and Sl are not looking good as as diamonds right now. Gen X,Y,Alpha and Beta are in for hard times. In the western world. May the best culture win.

  7. labs can make gold,,bout 2500 pr ounce, a natural ceiling perhaps?