Maybe you punks now know why IB keeps high margin requirements

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. imo, they should be even higher.

    I mean, I wouldn't lend most of you $5 and expect to see it again.
  2. I wonder what all the naked put sellers that bitched at IB about the higher maring req's say now?
  3. 1) Pass the Depends

    2) Pass the KY

    3) I'll never do it again

    4) Is McDonalds hiring?
  4. opm8


    yeah because we need nanny brokers that stop us from using our money the way we want when they think it's not in our best interest. Give me a fucking break.

    IB will liquidate your position the instant it breaks margin requirements. What does it matter if it's $10k or $1 margin?

  5. will they liquidate your positions even before the end of the trading day before they know what your closing equity percentage is??
  6. opm8


    lol. That's funny. IB is ruthless in this regard; they'll liquidate you on the tick that causes you to go underwater on your margin.
  7. Daal


    I wonder how victor niederhofer is doing in his personal etrade account now
  8. He is working for me as my assistant research technician... and mumbling something about silver this and silver that... :D

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  9. He is readying his cane as we speak, to pick up all the oversold in the Am.
  10. You assume markets provide infinite liquidity at all times. They don't. Any broker with too many traders making gigantic unhedged short put bets puts their entire existence at risk in the event of a rapid, gigantic gap down.

    I'm happy IB made the lunatics realize they shoulder rather leave and endanger other brokers. Every little rat that leaves IB makes the ship more sturdy against severe storms.
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