Maybe worth watching tonight?

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    It has been pumped on local networks last week. Check your local provider to find out your specific channel number.

    It's supposed to be some kind of documentary, startling new evidence, 50 years of official denial coming to an end, testimonies/admissions from higher ups. They claim it's a totally new program.

    Gordon G, and others, I'm looking forward to your comments. :)

    Sorry no politics tonight :cool:
  2. hehe..

    i'm very confident aliens exist all over the universe (if we can exist here, why would i say it can't happen somewhere else?), however, i don't believe aliens have come to earth while humans have been here.

    interesting point: i've read that the earth is relatively young compared to other places in the universe. maybe there are places out there where life started way before it started on earth and they're much more advanced than us now.
  3. I'm pretty sure that UFO evidence has been covered up for the sake of oil profits. It's pretty obvious that if we gained access to superior alien transportation technologies, that would be the beginning of the end for Halliburton and Exxon. Plus it's well-known that leading aliens supported Clinton.

    A pretty sad state of affairs.:mad: :mad: Outer space used to stand for something! :mad:
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    Of course there are space aliens!

    They post on ET all the time!:D :D
  5. I think we have a few aliens in our trading floor....:D

    rttrader -
  6. Aliens?


    Jack Hershey, harrytrader, mrmarket. They are everywhere.
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    Oh, my gosh......
    I am putting on my tin foil hat
    to block those alien rays!!!!!!!
    :D :D
  8. Well, I guess if one can project a thousand years, a million, heck a billion years down the future. Can you imagine where the human race would be or what form will it have? Take todays technology and try to explain it to 11th century humans. Our known universe is 15 billion years old. Earth about 4-5 bill.

    Hey man! Low blow, way bellow the belt. hehe! I noted above no politics :) It's ok... all in good fun :) Come to think of it you could be right about slick Willy. Hmmm scary.. but I may have to agree with you on that one :cool: could be right! That'd explain few things.

    As long as they are not illegal..:D

    Lol true true.. and now that you mentioned it.. I'd expect harry to jump in with few links.:)

    They did touch upon superstring theory, higher than light speeds and space folding. Heck, Boeing is already experimenting with antigrav propulsion.

    2 hours long program. Fun/interesting to watch.
  9. My dear friend Optional777,

    While it is true that mrmarket has failed miserably in his attempt to assume human form, and is an obvious alien, and Jack and Harry also try to fool us, but are exposed as aliens by thought processes that are clearly from far away galaxies, I find it disrespectful of you not to have mentioned Murray t Turtle.

    Here is an alien worthy of our deepest respect. Murray doesn't hide. Doesn't try to fool us by attempting to assimilate like those others. He has diligently worked at trying to teach us the language of his home planet. He comes in peace to try and bring us all closer together.

    He is a TRUE credit to his race.

    Candletrader, from the planet POLL is also a Brother From Another Planet.

    Peace, Live Long and Prosper,
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