Maybe Velma Hart should not send both her kids to private school

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  1. Everyone wants a hand out but I remember when you spoke you mentioned your two kids in Private school. Thats like 30 Grand a year, so how can she cry poverty and worried about going back to pork and beans when she can afford 30 Grand in privateschool bills.

    I never went to private school.
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    Maybe the public schools where she lives are so shitty that she's making a hard choice to act like a truly responsible parent.

    Maybe this is really a reflection on the Teacher's Unions and the Democratic Party's penchant for unlimited tax dollars to public school systems with zero accountability, no private sector competition, and platinum benefits and retirement packages.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. "Well, I have 2 kids in private schooling so..."

    I wish he would have said, "Sounds like you are doing quite well then already, why are you bitching"?

    Not that I support him or any party for that matter, but god you could tell she was a total bitch.
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    Should have seen her backtrack somewhat on CNBC about an hour ago.

  5. Didn't hear this.. can you elaborate?
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  7. Amazes me that people actually fell for that line of cr*p in the first place.
    Hope and change my A$$! :eek:
  8. She works for the Government probably makes 180K annually + pension.

    Here is what I suspect. She probably was living high off the hog, two kids in private school probably went long on housing as a speculative investment by taking a second mortgage on her primary.

    Now the whole thing collapsed of course, deep in negative wealth and probably gonna lose her home but of course.

    She is probably pissed that Obama somehow did not bail her out for making stupid financial decisions and now deep in some debt hole.
  9. dtan1e


    that is why the fed is so bent on keeping prices artificially high, a lot of rich people has to recoup their loses
  10. I think you hit it right on the head.

    She took major risk in what she thought to be a riskless market (housing).

    I'm guessing she spends well over her means and she is finding out being a "CFO" doesn't mean shit. I am also guessing that since she is black that this in her head equates to her opinion mattering more than others. I could be dead wrong there of course, but this is the feeling I got from her.

    She just rubbed me the wrong way, perhaps I have overstated it a bit.
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