Maybe this is why Bush has done nothing to secure US/Mexican Border

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  1. Rove on immigration: 'I don't want my
    son to have to pick tomatoes'

    Published: Friday February 9, 2007

    "The Corner" at the National Review Online reports that at a Republican luncheon yesterday, White House adviser Karl Rove was overheard explaining the Bush amnesty immigration plan by saying, "I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas."

    There should be no need to explain why this is an obscene statement coming from a leader in the party that promotes the virtues of hard work, thrift, and sobriety, a party whose demi-god actually split fence rails as a young man, a party where "respectable Republican cloth coat" once actually meant something. But it does seem to be necessary to explain.

    Rove's comment illustrates how the Bush-McCain-Giuliani-Hagel-Martinez-Brownback-Huckabee approach to immigration strikes at the very heart of self-government. It is precisely Rove's son (and my own, and those of the rest of us in the educated elite) who should work picking tomatoes or making beds, or washing restaurant dishes, or mowing lawns, especially when they're young, to help them develop some of the personal and civic virtues needed for self-government.

    It's not that I want my kids to make careers of picking tomatoes; Mexican farmworkers don't want that either. But we must inculcate in our children, especially those likely to go on to high-paying occupations, that there is no such thing as work that is beneath them.
  2. Fu-kin elites trying to enslave us and take away our freedoms.

    Red Alert anyone? The ramed it though to law for a reason.

    Arrests in the old Anthrax case? Not when the trail ends at military labs and with zionist scientists.
  3. Stupid point, don't you think?

    Since Rove's kid will never need to change bed's in Vegas, since you'll never need to be a maid, since I'll never be a maid, since virtually no American we know would work as a maid, then who will the maids be?

    Hell I've never been without a maid in my life and the last good old fashioned African-American maid we had was in the late 70's. In Chicago they're Polish and Slavic (everywhere!) and in SoFla they're various Island or in my case Ecuadorian.

    So when Rove says de facto, "an America without immigrants is an America without maids" he's speaks truth eh?

    Of course AAA and you will respond "pay a maid 45k a year and American's will come out of the woodwork to clean toilets." Bullshit. Not because Americans won't debase themselves for dollars, we will. But bottom line: we don't need the work. Everyone who's unemployed NOW could find work as a maid, couldn't they?

    Fact is the Democrats are FAR softer on illegal immigration that even the dovish Administration.

    I agree that it's a serious issue that's being politicized. The Democrat's increasingly dependance on the burgeoning Mexican vote has put party leaders at odds with organized labor and with Blacks. Of course the unions don't care about the social problems of too many Mexicans. They only care that Mexicans aren't dues paying members.

    To many Republicans like Bush it's just a free market issue. The far right looks at with Eurocentric glasses. Wanna bet if the Indo-Mexicans were suddenly blond, blue eyed Polish refugees we'd hear zip about this "crisis"? The far right gets it. Europeans are superior citizens compared to Mexicans.

    And yes Z, many Americans consider it a human rights issue. Doesn't a world that denies people equal access based on borders seem a bit regressive to your psedu-progressive instincts?

  4. TT2, do you live in the US?

    If not, STFU as this has nothing to do with you.